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What Would the World Look Like Without Cloud Technology?


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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When it comes to emerging technologies, one phrase has sparked more debate than others: cloud computing. Two words that have sparked numerous debates sparked numerous arguments in IT departments, and, more often than we’d like to admit, have left many in the industry befuddled. 

However, interest has grown, and many organizations have moved portions of their IT to the cloud. We’ve also grown accustomed to storing our personal data in the cloud, whether through Dropbox, iCloud, or even Facebook. 

We are entering what is known as the mobile/cloud era. Several key factors are shaping our thinking: the need for flexible IT infrastructure, the rise of big data analytics, and increased mobile usage. The cloud plays an important role in keeping employees in constant contact – working practices have changed as the cloud allows for new and more efficient forms of collaboration. Technology is no longer a ‘nice-to-have,’ but rather an essential component of any organization’s infrastructure. As the era of “office working” comes to an end, we’re seeing an increasing reliance on mobile devices. 

These are just a couple of examples of how some of our daily tasks are will be affected if the cloud didn’t exist. 

Here are some of the things that would not exist without cloud technology. 

Streaming/Entertainment services 

Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Showmax, and Amazon Prime are just a few examples. All of your favourite streaming services would not exist if the cloud had never been invented. Netflix alone has over 200 million subscribers and an estimated 6 billion monthly watched hours. The cloud is also used by music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music to allow users to search, maintain, store, streamline, and sync their music preferences from anywhere at any time. Users will return to the old ways of renting movies from stores, pirating movies at local movie shops, and purchasing physical music discs for listening if the cloud is not available. 

Conference calls 

Since the Covid19 pandemic, many businesses have relied on platforms such as Teams and Zoom for meetings, and the cloud has enabled online communication through video, phone calls, and messaging. It was no longer necessary to come to the office for weekly/monthly meetings. More people from all over the world could attend online conferences and seminars without having to travel. 


Without the cloud, Amazon, Jumia, and Alibaba will cease to exist; most eCommerce businesses use a hosting server to harness the processing power of multiple devices. Online stores function differently than other websites. They require more assistance and flexibility in order to maintain databases, protect personal data, process payments, and track sales. 

Remote working 

Because no one can work together in a single physical space, remote work is frequently blamed for lower productivity levels. Cloud disproves this theory. Organizations can use cloud computing to make efficient decisions based on real-time data and collaborate from different locations. The cloud’s capabilities enable businesses to streamline and measure productivity in order to improve growth and agility even in times of crisis. The cloud allows you to work like you’re in an office, with increased accessibility and fewer interruptions. 


Most businesses and organizations are already investigating cloud migration strategies in order to capitalize on the cloud’s increased storage capacity, scalability, and other advantages. Despite this, many businesses are just getting started with cloud computing, and the future of cloud services is limitless. 

Adept Technologies will assist you in capitalizing on the growing demand for cloud computing professionals. Begin your cloud migration journey right away! 

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