What Are The Advantages Of Digitization?


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If your organization stores hundreds or thousands of physical records, you might have thought of going digital versus maintaining the physical records yourself. Digitally converting documents into an electronic format is a way to protect important materials and provide you with quick and easy access when you require them.


Companies face constant threats to physical documents including theft, disaster, human error, lost records, and more. Here are some reasons to consider digitizing physical documents:

1. Save money

Managing physical documents is costly. You will spend time and recurring costs on resources managing the records against a one-time cost of digitization that will reduce overhead costs.


If a record is misplaced, stolen, or damaged, this may have significant financial impact on the organization. You will have to scramble to replace the record, or spend time finding it. Worse, the record may be irreplaceable. This is so in the case of documents with sensitive information, losing them can cost the organization hundreds of thousands of shillings.


2.  Increase efficiency

Dealing with physical documents is tedious and slows down productivity. The time to process a record request averages to 25 minutes, since the employee has to manually move from records storage to the scanner, give the records to the client and then back to storage.


And this is only if it is an easy file to find to begin with. If it has been misfiled or lost, the employee will spend a considerable amount of time locating the document.


By selecting a digital solution, you cut down the record retrieval process to about 5 minutes. Everything is stored in easily accessible folders making access to them instantaneous, freeing employees to engage in other tasks.


3. Protects against risk of natural disasters and theft

Disaster can strike at any time. From fire, earthquakes, leaks from exposed pipes, buildings collapse, or even theft, all these could hurt your organization. Without a backup of your important documents, your organization is vulnerable to permanent record damage and loss. Even a slight temperature change in the storage room can damage records over time. Document scanning means that even if something happens to the physical records, there is a backup in place to allow a restart of normal business processes.


4. Modernize your organization

Digitization has the following benefits to a both employees and customers:

  • Saving time and money.
  • The staff members become more productive and improve business processes.
  • Faster service thereby having customer satisfaction.
  • Digitization complements other technology efforts at the organization.
  • Dealing with lost or misfiled documents can be frustrating for both employees and customers.


Plus, with the evolution of technology, equipment such as scanners could be out-of-date at any moment. You will therefore be left to deal with higher costs of replacing the equipment to current ones, as opposed to using a service provider who will digitally convert the records with professional equipment.


5. Save space

Physical space is a valuable resource for the company. The company will require huge space in order to maintain physical records, including space for the equipment. You also must ensure that the space is temperature-controlled and is secure.


Wrong use of area could lead to disorganization and slowed retrieval processes, that then affects efficiency. Digitizing documents cuts down on office space expenses and frees up space to be used for projects that bring more value to the organization.


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Digitizing records can save the organization resources over the long term. Digitization increases efficiency, protects your records in spite of what natural disaster, theft, or loss happens, and it makes record retrieval simpler, while modernizing your organization to current market standards.


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