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Quality management and sustainability


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A Quality Management System (QMS) in the 21st century focuses on improving processes, goods/services, people and planet earth. Besides, QMS helps to achieve continuous improvement which is key to business success. Social factors like hunger, inequality, poverty, health and wellbeing are increasingly becoming a concern to many businesses in this century. Adept Technologies is concerned about people living a quality life on planet earth. Therefore, as the company is working to put in place an international Standard of Quality (ISO 9001), it has also taken a step to support sustainability on earth.


In its aim to fight poverty, Adept Technologies equips the youth and women from different backgrounds with personal and professional skills that that will help them have access to dignified work. The company has a mission of recruiting to grow and nurture the talents of the youth, women and differently-abled and expose them to opportunities. By doing so, scores of Kenyan youth can earn a living and improve their living standards.



Awareness Training

Employees need to understand the importance of a QMS and put in place quality practices in their everyday activities. Adept Technologies is running training sessions to educate employees on the importance of ISO 9001 in preparation for its certification. A successful management and champions’ training is ongoing. The company is also determined to create awareness for the rest of the team on a weekly basis and newsletters to interested parties.
Being sensitive to our quality of life or of those surrounding us is an important aspect of being human. In the business world, some of the business activities engaged affect our quality of life. Adept Technologies is happy to be part of achieving sustainability goals as a step towards changing the narrative.