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In Summary Adept Leadership Development Program is geared towards Nurturing our team to be leaders of tomorrow not only within Adept but future leaders of the World Nurturing an inclusive culture begins in the family. Home is the first place to foster openness and a culture of inclusion. The Adeptors are a family, and  Adept is home to many brilliant young people. We believe in the nurturing of effective leadership that unlocks people’s potential and even Read More
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Adept Management Services
We get up and close with our CEO, Mercy Mugure. She shares about Adept and her vision for Adept Technologies. Meet Mercy Mugure Adept Technologies CEO Mercy Mugure is a qualified engineer with an eye  for entrepreneurship. As a practicing engineer within the construction         industry, she wanted to   venture  into  a business  that she was passionate about. One that would have           a direct  impact and appeal to young people. She knew she wanted something interesting  and that wasn’t a common type of business in Kenya. With her college mate Diana Gitiba who is also a co director  at  Adept Technologies,  they set  out    to   make their mark in the  world through the  provision of outsourcing services. Why The Name Adept Adept means very skilled, proficient, expert. This is who we aim to be as a business and in the services we offer. Adept’s Objective We have approximately 10.1 million young people aged between the ages of 18-29 years out of Kenya’s  population of 49.7 million. Kenya also recorded 39.1 percent unemployment rate  according to recent  report by United Nations; Human Development Index (HDI) 2017. Our aim is to provide employment to young people. The main focus is those who finish their schooling a O Levels or basic certificate levels as this group does not readily get employment opportunities. Employment at Adept offers a salary that allows one to meet their basic needs and set aside some money for further  education and training or accumulate capital to start a business. This year  2018 we have  started a  Management Training Program to further equip our  agents with outstanding  performance. We will  tell you more about this in our subsequent blogs. We have a great team! Over the years we have had many pass through  the  company. It is always a source Read More
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Transcription in Kenya; Now if you ask most people in Kenya what transcription is the answer would be, “I don’t know.” This is because Transcription in Kenya is not very popular although, in the recent years, its popularity has slightly increased. The spark in interest has emerged a number of Kenyans have turned to working online given the busy schedules. The need to make that extra cash has also led to the Growth of Transcription in Kenya. Read More
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