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We get up and close with our CEO, Mercy Mugure. She shares about Adept and her vision for Adept Technologies.

Meet Mercy Mugure

Adept Technologies CEO

Adept Technologies CEO

Mercy Mugure is a qualified engineer with an eye  for entrepreneurship.

As a practicing engineer within the construction         industry, she wanted to   venture  into  a business  that she was passionate about. One that would have           a direct  impact and appeal to young people.

She knew she wanted something interesting  and that wasn’t a common type of business in Kenya.

With her college mate Diana Gitiba who is also a co director  at  Adept Technologies,  they set  out    to   make their mark in the  world through the  provision of outsourcing services.

Why The Name Adept

Adept means very skilled, proficient, expert. This is who we aim to be as a business and in the services we offer.

Adept’s Objective

We have approximately 10.1 million young people aged between the ages of 18-29 years out of Kenya’s  population of 49.7 million. Kenya also recorded 39.1 percent unemployment rate  according to recent  report by United Nations; Human Development Index (HDI) 2017.
Our aim is to provide employment to young people. The main focus is those who finish their schooling a O Levels or basic certificate levels as this group does not readily get employment opportunities.

Employment at Adept offers a salary that allows one to meet their basic needs and set aside some money for further  education and training or accumulate capital to start a business.

This year  2018 we have  started a  Management Training Program to further equip our  agents with outstanding  performance.

We will  tell you more about this in our subsequent blogs.

We have a great team! Over the years we have had many pass through  the  company. It is always a source of joy and pride when they move on to greener pastures because we  know we had a part to play  in whom  they  are.

We have a great team! Over the years we have had many pass through  the  company. It is always a source of joy and pride when they move on to greener pastures because we know we had a part to play in whom they are.

Our Team

We have a great team! Over the years we have had many pass through  the  company. It is always a source of joy and pride when they move on to greener pastures because we know we had a part to play in whom they are. We currently have a staff of 64 with an average age of 24 years.

Social Impacting

Team Growth

We are able to grow our managers in house and we have seen our staff move up the ladder to  management  positions.

Our Impact Beyond Adept

We have a Digital Work Training Program.  Each month, we offer one month’s training to an average of 8 to 10 young people for free to enable them undertake freelance work online.

Would you like to partner with us on this?

Proud Moments

“We have maintained clients for the last 8 years. In 2009 we began a long-term  relationship with Samasource and in 2010 we on-boarded ETS.  We must be doing something right” –

Adept’s future

  1. We are  adding more products so we can offer added value to our customers.  For example, currently, we are performing entry level  tasks in data  entry and data collection. We would wish to expand  to data analytics.
  2.  Have knowledge based products so as to make use of the many  and varied university  graduates and their skills.

Our Data Management Services

We believe  that one of the most valuable assets of any organization is its data and records. They form part of an organization’s corporate memories.

Our Data Management services help businesses make dramatic gains in efficiency  and productivity by improving the way they collect organize and manage their business documents, information and processes

We offer Data Management Solutions in the following areas;
• Document Digitization Services
• Cleansing of Data and Enrichment
• Collection  Data and Analysis
• Data Entry
• Records and Documents Archiving