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Best Image Annotation Tools for Machine Learning


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Image annotation is the process of labelling or classifying an image and creating text-based descriptions of that image to show data features you want to recognise by itself. It’s a pivotal step in building the ground truth to teach computer vision models. There are a number of use cases for image annotation, such as computer vision for self-driving cars or recognizing sensitive content on an online platform.

Data scientists are many times too willing to outsource this time-intensive and manual task of image annotation. Below is a list of image annotation tools that can be used to quickly and precisely build ground truth for computer vision models.


Image Annotation Tools for Computer Vision


LabelImg is an open-source graphical image annotation tool that is used to label object bounding boxes in images. provides image and video training data for AI teams.


Adept Technologies

Adept Technologies is a data annotating outsourcing company that you can use to create ground truth for your machine learning models. Contact us by clicking



Spare5 is intelligent crowdsourcing that delivers service for tasks such as data and image annotation and language assessment through human insights. 


Hive is a full-stack AI company that specialises in text and image annotation service that helps create training datasets for content moderation, computer vision and retail execution. 

Appen provides high-quality training data for machine learning models with their leading technology platform. It provides data annotation solutions for computer vision, text annotation and automatic speech recognition.

Labelbox is a platform for data labelling, data management, and data science. Its features include image annotation, bounding boxes and text classification.

VGG Image Annotator
VGG is an open-source labelling tool for straightforward tasks that do not require project management. It’s available as an online interface and can be used offline as an HTML file. is an image annotation and data management tool that you can use to create image and video datasets for machine learning models. The platform also includes a self-hosted infrastructure for training your machine learning models and continuing to improve them with human-in-the-loop.

RectLabel is an image annotation tool that you can use for bounding box object detection and segmentation. It includes efficient features such as Core ML to automatically label images, and export them to various formats.

Prodigy is an annotation tool for ML models such as image classification, entity recognition and intent detection. You can upload your own data from live APIs, update the model in real-time, and chain them together to build a more complex system.

They are an image annotation company that can be used to build training datasets for computer vision models. The services offered include bounding boxes, polygons and semantic segmentation.

Cogito Tech
Cogito Tech provide machine learning training data. Services offered include image annotation, content moderation, sentiment analysis, chatbot training, and more.

WorkAround is a training data annotation platform for AI developers. From open data to business, you can host and annotate data, manage projects, and build datasets alongside top universities and companies.

TaQadam offers on-demand annotation with agents-in-the-loop. Equipped with a mobile application, agents have a simple and secure way to work on a dataset.

Dataturks is a data annotation outsourcing company that offers many data annotation capabilities, including image segmentation, named entity recognition (NER), tagging in documents, and POS tagging.

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