Outsourcing Transcription Services

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In this knowledge era, organizations all over the world find information very important and maintaining a dedicated resource to note down points of importance is proving to be tiresome and time consuming. In today’s world, information is recorded by organizations with the help of audio and video equipment and later converted into a written form in a process called transcription. Many organizations are now outsourcing these transcription work to oversees countries with reliable teams and affordable services.

Businesses like market research organizations, financial institutions, movie production companies and legal firms mostly use transcription services, and outsourcing transcription services has proved to be a much quicker, time saving and cheaper process than hiring in-house transcribers. For companies seeking to outsource transcription services, here are a few advantages that come with the service:

Advantages of transcription

  1. Short turn-around time.

Most transcription companies guarantee a TAT of less than 24 hours but it always depends on the load of work given and the number of workers. Experienced professionals type and proofread the work so as to ensure accurate and properly formatted final transcripts.

  1. Save money and resources.

When organizations outsources transcription service, they reduce capital investments, expenses and overheads, resulting in significant savings and increased profitability.

Outsourced work to professional transcribers helps the client save on computers, management of workers, furniture and office space for your workers.

  1. Time to grow the business.

Investing in outsourced transcription allows managers to focus on more important aspects of their business. Companies save time and money when they outsource transcription services, hence funding other projects.

  1. Improve ranking of your website.

Getting your website ranked higher on search engines is a great way to grow your podcast audience. Search engines like google and yahoo don’t recognize content in videos and podcasts. By transcribers typing videos and podcasts, the keywords used in the text helps improve search engine optimization (SEO). End users who see TED talks, usually have great experience and clear understanding since the videos are all typed out.

  1. Lowers risks.  

Hiring in-house transcribers comes with a number of risks. Most companies find it intelligent to outsource their transcription work to experienced and more managed workers. Outsourcing transcription means that that provider is assuming full responsibility for specific types of risk, including the management of it all. In short, professionals in this field know how to handle some certain risks, meaning less stress.