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7 Reasons to migrate to the cloud


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“You really should move your business to the cloud…”

You probably have heard this a lot, but have no idea what it means. But in all truth, you really should move your business to the cloud. However, before we insist that you make this move, we will explain to you what the cloud is, why you should move and how this move will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

What is the Cloud?

Simply put, it is where data is kept remotely from the machine being used and can be accessed securely from anywhere if you are connected to the internet.

Similarly, how you can connect to your Google Drive or iCloud from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet and logged into your account. This is concept is applied to business, only on a much larger scale


The cloud removes your need for an on-premises server and solves all of your storage problems. To get started, all you must do is use a third-party vendor to set up your cloud computing services. They will then create parts of the cloud that your employees will use to access the stored data. You only pay for what you need, and you never have to worry about the network going down.


Below are the top 7 reasons for your business to migrate to the Cloud;

While the thought of your infrastructure inside the Cloud may seem less secure than an on-prem server, it is a more secure environment. You always have access to your data and you can assign rights to employees to view certain documents and remove those rights should the employee leave the company.


Since the cloud service is available through a secure network connection, you, together with your employees can access your data from anywhere, if you are connected to the Internet. Simply log into your computer and pick up from where you left off, and from any device.


The cloud grows with your business. You can set up offices from anywhere on the globe and have them all connected to your cloud services. You can also work with your service provider to add or remove services at your discretion. You are only charged for what you use.


Disaster management
What would happen if your organization experienced a disaster right now? Does your organization have a recovery plan? With the cloud, SMEs are able to get a data recovery plan that was initially only accessible to large businesses, at the fraction of the cost. Your data is stored and backed up regularly and your service provider has offsite storage that ensures your data is protected from any kind of likely disaster.


With no on-premises server, this reduces the cost required for maintenance and for I.T personnel in-house who will be needed to conduct regular updates. Cloud service updates automatically from one central location. You keep working while your cloud provider ensures that the applications are updated.


Cloud connects your entire company
Today, it isn’t necessary for team members to be in the same place at the same time for them to work on a project. Teams can collaborate from different parts of the globe with the ability to access, edit and share documents.


Cloud unifies your data
When working with a standard network, there are documents saved on the server and workstations. There could also be edited versions of the same document on the laptops of field employees. Simply put, your data isn’t safe and different parts of your organization are receiving different versions of the same information. Cloud storage removes this confusion as employees can collaborate on the same document in real-time. You can also set up measures to ensure that confidential information is kept safe and only accessible to certain employees. Cloud technology is constantly being improved and developed to adapt to more business needs. If you are not on the cloud, you are wasting money, preventing innovation, and slowing the growth of your business. Now is the time to evaluate your options and find out just how better off your company will be if you were using cloud solutions.


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