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3D Lidar & Radar Annotation

LiDAR and Radar 3D annotation

Light Detection And Ranging , a new technique in image annotation in 3D used by many self-driving vehicles to sense their surroundings. The task involves pixel level annotation specific to Lidar points. For instance, when autos with LiDAR cameras drive around, the cameras collect 3D data in the form of light points.

Semi-mechanized, intuitive annotation empowers a single annotation of 3D objects with completely adaptable labels. Rapidly label moving items over numerous edges with computerized interjection.

We offer sensor fusion annotation for 3D point cloud, including Lidar, radar, and camera. The labeled data we provide powers autonomous vehicles, drones and maps. with full arrangement of highlights, including parallel 3D lidar view and object tracking that help multi-outline arrangement.


Dense 3D scene comprehension for high-loyalty recognition.


Photograph setting for articles with meager LIDAR points.


Sparse scene understanding for longer range recognition.