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10 Best Outsourcing Companies for Machine Learning


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Data collection and data annotation can be a time-consuming task that most data scientists don’t want to undertake. For small to midsize companies, you may not collect as much data as Google from its web and search data or Amazon from its Echo platform regardless of how much you devote your resources.

The advantages of machine learning outsourcing will far exceed the cost. In this article, we at Adept Technologies have curated a list of machine learning outsourcing companies that perform data collection and data annotation for you.

Outsourcing Companies for Machine Learning

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk): MTurk is a marketplace where individuals or businesses outsource their tasks to a labour-force that can perform these tasks remotely. This could include anything from simple data validation and research to more individualized tasks such as data annotation and content moderation.
  • Appen: Appen provides training data for machine learning models, solutions for computer vision, data analytics and automatic speech recognition.
  • Adept Technologies: Adept is an image and data annotation business processing outsourcing company that you can use to create ground truth for your machine learning models.
  • Clickworker: Clickworker is a crowdsourcing service where independent contractors complete tasks that are usually part of larger projects. This may include tasks such as processing unstructured data in the form of text, photographs, and videos.
  • Cogito: Cogito offers high quality training data for machine learning. They provide services such as image annotation, training data for computer vision, content moderation, data collection, audio and video transcription
  • Edgecase: Edgecase is a data factory providing synthetic data and data labeling as a service. They work with universities and industry experts to provide data annotation to AI companies in healthcare, security, robotics, retail, agriculture and drone mapping.
  • Humans in the Loop: Humans in the loop provide a machine learning model improvement by dataset collection and data annotation to verification and monitoring.
  • Playment: Playment has a ground truth studio platform that is enabled with machine learning assisted tools and sophisticated project management software that will allow them to manage their client’s labelling projects.
  • Spare5: Spare5 is a crowdsourcing service. They work with companies to help train their algorithms and programs. Most of their tasks focus on emanating meaning of, or providing human insight into image, audio or video files.
  • TranscribeMe: Apart from transcription as their company name suggests, they also offer speech recognition and translation services. Once you upload an audio file from any device or external link and they have a quick turn-around time of 24 hours to ensure that they have returned your transcript to you before the time has lapsed.

If you are looking to outsource data collection and data annotation tasks for your machine learning models, contact Adept Technologies for more information. Our expert data annotators can quickly annotate your text, image, video, and audio data so that it’s ready to be used as the ground truth to train machine learning models.

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