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Why Adept

Why Adept

At Adept Technologies, we are experts at what we do, and we do it passionately and with pride. You will enjoy working with us.

Our Staff
Our staff is carefully recruited and trained to provide the right combination of knowledge, efficiency and operational excellence to ensure a quality product. We continually keep track of the latest trends and technologies in order to provide the best service in the most cost-effective way.

At Adept Technologies, your work is handled by English speaking university and college graduates, all educated in an English-based education system. Our accuracy levels are excellent, contributing to our high customer satisfaction ratings.

Adept Management
The directors of the company are heavily involved in showing leadership to the Adept team. They are hands-on leaders, involved daily with staff and clients, ensuring that we only offer the best value to our clients.

Each of our directors is highly trained and has extensive work experience in their fields from multinational companies and from the BPO sector.

Cost Effective
We offer our clients fair for value rates for all our services. We are based in Kenya where there is a large pool of well-trained professionals. We enjoy low labor costs and are therefore able to offer our clients reasonable rates.

Turnaround Time
We have quick turnaround times ranging from a few hours to one business day to a number of days, depending on your requirements.

Our wide range of equipment and software will ensure the highest level of service. We have a fast and reliable broadband connection to the Internet. We use this to receive files from our clients and research on topics or other items so that we thoroughly understand our clients’ requirements and standards.

Quality Assurance
Our processes and methodologies rely on industry best practice. With our triple-pass quality assurance system, we guarantee you only get the best services from us.


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