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Data Related Services

Data Related Services

Our data related servies include:

                • i) Data Entry/Mining - We enter data into a computerized database or spreadsheet.
                • ii) Digitization - We convert and format documents into the digital desired format and style.
                • iii) Data Cleansing - We validate and verify data
                • iv) Web research - We undertake internet research to collect information from different sites

At Adept Technologies, we emphasize on the accuracy of our product and realize that every manual keystroke is a potential error. We have devised in-house innovative quality assurance mechanisms to cross check and ascertain typed work to assure the greatest accuracy.

Whatever your data entry, document conversion and data processing needs, we guarantee super accurate work at great value.

Data Processing (Data Mining, Data Entry, Data Cleansing and Enrichment)

Through data mining and data entry, our team extracts raw information from different sources and delivers them in a systematic, well-arranged format that can be analyzed and accessed easily.

We enhance and enrich our client’s database by providing valid and verified information collected from different sources and enable them to save time, money and eventually have updated information for better decision-making.

Online Web Research

We provide a wide variety of information collected from the internet using different tools and present this information to our clients in their preferred format for.

Clients can use this information for several reasons such as:

  •  Analysis of data collected
  • Decision making
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Updating their database

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