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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility – Enriching the Community

Create Employment Opportunities for Qualified Youth and Women

Key to Adept Technologies, is her social objective to create employment for qualified youth and women in Kenya. Kenya is a developing country and over 40% of the youth aged between 18 and 35 years are unemployed. Of these, a large number are trained university and college graduates. Adept Technologies seeks to continually create more and more jobs for well qualified youth and women, with the aim of empowering them and raising their self esteem. In Kenya, one job goes a long way to support, not just an individual, but his or her extended family too. Creating employment for the youth helps to alleviate poverty, a Millennium Development Goal.

Assistance to Disadvantaged Children

Second to creating employment, Adept Technologies has identified disadvantaged children as the main beneficiaries under the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy. At least 10% of the company’s annual profits is channeled to the education and welfare of abandoned or orphaned children, living in children’s homes. By creating a better future for these children, we help uplift their living standards and to alleviate poverty. When we work for you, you get High quality work at Affordable rates and you get to help make this world a better place for the disadvantaged.

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