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Diana Muthee Gitiba (CEO, Adept Technologies)

Diana Muthee-Gitiba (CEO, Adept Technologies) has over 16 years of work experience with 10 years in management positions for one of the largest oil multinationals. She has served in various capacities in business development and project management in Kenya, Singapore and the UK.

She holds degrees in Civil Engineering (Kenya), MSc Business Information Technology (UK), and Masters in Business Administration (Kenya). She is strongly committed to understanding and providing what our clients need for a clear strategic advantage.

Mercy Mugure (Director - Adept Technologies)

Mercy Mugure (Director, Adept CAD Solutions) has over 17 years work experience in engineering consultancy, structural design and project management for large commercial and residential structures. She has been responsible for the structural design and supervision of prestigious structures in Nairobi including projects for United Nations Office in Nairobi, Sameer Business Park, Sankara Hotel, United States International University, Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi Hospital, and many more.

She holds a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Nairobi (Kenya), and is a registered Engineer in Kenya. She ensures you get the best possible return on investment from Adept Technologies.


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